Our Team

We chose modifying living areas and landscape areas as our mission years ago. Over the years of its growth the Studio has become a big professional company, has earned a reputation for its reliability as a partner and a responsible party and has gained the lead in the domain. Our success has only been possible due to our staff – a team of passionate people sharing common values.

VII MIRACULA Studio consists of real professionals highly experienced in making organic-style objects, having good visual memory and a taste of art. There are very few sculptors who are able to reconstruct natural objects. Our specialists with artistic skills study mining and watch rocks in nature, as you need to know the essence of a stone and various biological processes to make it.

Here are some of the talented people from the Studio keen on their work and putting their heart and soul into it:

Roman, sculptor

Roman has 20+ years of experience in the field. He is the most decorated member of our team. A Merited Artist, a member of the International Art Fund – the list of his honorary titles can be continued. His sculptures are situated in a number of the former CIS countries. He was an organizer, an inspirer and an active member of many stone workshops. Apart from doing the main job, he teaches academic drawing to the younger generation.

Natalie, leading artist

Natalie has been making bas-reliefs and doing sculpture carvings using fair-faced concrete for over 20 years now. She takes part both in realising and designing project concepts of the Studio. She paints high-quality layouts, is able to hear clients, visualize their wishes and put them into practice with the team of artists and welders. She can make bas-reliefs of various complexity; fair-faced concrete stones made by her turn into canvasses. Apart from working with fair-faced concrete, Natalie has a lot of creative hobbies: she is fond of making decorative panels (and occasionally tests new materials), stained glass painting, making mosaics, painting animals – and she is talented at all this.

«I try to travel and spend time in the mountains. When I see an unusual, beautiful rock, I always take a photo of it. I’m tempted to reconstruct a lot in my projects».

Michael, leading artist

Michael has been working for the Studio for over 7 years now. Both landscape and interior projects have been realised under his professional guidance. Michael has a pedagogical degree in art. He is really good at all the details of making objects, he draws layouts and participates in realising the projects himself as well. Despite his creative profession, he considers himself a materialistic and pragmatic person.

«I have no preferences towards projects, it depends on a situation and a state of my mind. Sometimes I find it fascinating to work with tiny details of patterns, while occasionally I’m interested in something bigger, like a rock which is a dozen metres high, where the general picture matters more than minor cracks».

Our Team