Fair-faced concrete

We want to facilitate and foster the process of producing concrete art-objects. Thus, we have spent over 15 years on calculating the ideal formula for VII MIRACULA concrete blend, that our sculptors use thus far.

You can order VII MIRACULA concrete mix by phone. Please call:
+386 17 774 347

VII MIRACULA concrete mix consists of 2 components. To get the right texture you should mix one sack of dry powder with one canister of liquid component.

Price for 1 set is 25€

    Different ways how to use architectural concrete

    Below we present you a series of projects completed with application of VII MIRACULA architectural concrete.

    Decoration of the facade

    Decoration of swimming pool areas

    Interior decoration

    Artificial ponds

    Why architectural concrete is handy?

    For customer:

    For sculptor:

    For construction worker:

    How does it work?

    It’s very easy to prepare VII MIRACULA architectural concrete. All you need to do is to mix one sack of dry powder No.1 with one canister of liquid component No.2 and that it! You get the blend done.

    VII MIRACULA Decorative stone masonry made on the basis of VII MIRACULA architectural concrete

    What else can be made out of architectural concrete?

    Artificial waterfalls

    Stone stairs

    Retaining walls

    Garden sculptures and statues

    Objects of interior design

    The main word in “architectural concrete” is of course, “architectural”, as this material empowers our sculptors to handcraft incredible constructions with their own unique texture. In terms of structural characteristics, determined by added components, architectural concrete is very different from all other cement mortars.

    Among main characteristic features of architectural concrete, one should definitely mention high plasticity and ductility of the blend, water repellency, prolonged period of cure, high strength of hardened concrete. The main construction component of this blend is cement, that serves as binding material.

    VII MIRACULA architectural concrete can be used not solely for artistic works. It can be also applied for rough layers and guniting, thus the entire scope of works is done on the basis of one building material. For artists architectural concrete doesn’t have any analogues. For building owners it’s a real lifesaver that solves a grate deal of problems, that may arise during finishing works. Sculptor completes artistic task and at the same time he creates missing structural elements.

    Modern technologies of artificial stone production empower our sculptors to reproduce elements of landscape and interior design, that are as beautiful as natural stones.


    • Artificial stones have certain advantages in comparison to natural stones: high plasticity, variability, light weight.
    • By means of artificial concrete you can reproduce textures of marble, granite, sandstone and raw natural stone.
    • Objects made from architectural concrete have considerably small unit weight, thus they can be easily installed on light walls. They don’t put much pressure on the foundation.
    • You can clean artificial stones with washers normally used for cars, without fear of seriously damaging the surface.


    Using architectural concrete for producing art-objects of interior and exterior design is not just a tribute to the latest trends of fashion. This material is perfect from ecological and economic point of views.