Manufacturing Technology

The natural stone is beautiful, exquisite, majestic and stark. However, this expensive and heavy type of material is hard to surface and install. Fair-faced concrete recreates the look of rocks of any type and size.

VII MIRACULA Studio offers professional stone production out of a unique VII MIRACULA fair-faced concrete blend. It is made by means of our own formulation tested in various projects of our studio and complies with set national standards. The fair-faced concrete blend is made of traditional concrete with added polymers, plasticizers and other strictly selected and tested components. Therefore, the material helps to get stones with amazing parameters of durability, firmness, water, wear, frost and UV impact resistance

  • VII MIRACULA fair-faced concrete belongs to B30 concrete class, considering its breaking strength. Therefore, it is suitable for constructions bearing high pressure and drastic temperature changes. .
  • Fair-faced concrete frost resistance exceeds minimal standard limits by 75%. Even harsh frost cannot cause chips or cracks on the surface; the material does not require additional protection.
  • The low water absorption level (4%) of fair-faced concrete signifies that VII MIRACULA blend absorbs little liquid and cannot be destroyed by it, which makes it suitable for surfacing wet areas in rooms and making reservoirs.
  • Wearability of our fair-faced concrete is about 3 times lower than the standard limit, which means that the texture and colour of products will not change due to temporal or mechanical impact.

However, in contrast to normal concrete blends, VII MIRACULA is perfect for truly amazing architectural objects and various kinds of decorative surfacing.

Fair-faced Concrete Application for Living Areas

Fair-faced concrete is completely safe and can be used for wall, ceiling and floor surfacing in living areas of any purpose. The application is limitless: sculptors can make any relief from rubble stone masonry of different sizes, colors and texture to an entire rock texture on the object. Wall pressure in this case is much lower than the genuine stone one and is about 100 kg per 1 m2 of surfacing. The hydrophobic property of fair-faced concrete makes it possible to use it for wet areas, showers and pools surfacing.

Barbecue Area and Chimney Surfacing

Fair-faced concrete can be heated up to and endure 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit), and for that reason, be used for oven, chimney and chimney stack surfacing or unique customized projects creation. A thermal insulator is added to areas adjoined with heating objects like cast iron oven leaves. It eliminates the risk of overheating and, consequently, cracking of surfacing. Final objects possess high operation properties and unique designs and are made in a single copy.

Fair-faced Concrete in Porch Surfacing

Fair-faced concrete technology is a real gem for those who feel like modifying the look of the facade after building their house. The minimal pressure on the basement makes it possible to surface it with any kind of stone-like concrete, add new objects as bas-reliefs and high reliefs or even change the building geometry drastically. The surfacing will serve for decades whatever the case. The material and durable porch paints that we have been using have established themselves in a harsh climate and all weather conditions.

Landscape Design Using Fair-faced Technology

The technology opens up limitless opportunities for private area and park design. In contrast to the genuine stone that has to be found and transported to be used in projects, stones or any other objects made of fair-faced concrete can be created on the spot. This will eliminate extra time and money waste and diversify the design. Fair-faced concrete can help with building reservoirs, grottos, retaining walls, gazebos and creating sculptures, rockery, patios and other objects. Anti-corrosion frame treatment and additional waterproofing is used when creating objects having constant contact with water, such as ponds, waterfalls or fountains, which makes them completely reliable and leak-free. Besides, the material is suitable for facing surfaces with extreme operating conditions like pavement and bridges.

If you are willing to transform your house or land via an unusual customization, we can make your dream come true and create a high-quality and long-lasting object of any complexity with the help of fair-faced concrete technology.

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