II MIRACULA architectural studio regularly films videos dedicated to making art-objects on the basis of architectural concrete.

You can watch them on our YouTube channel. We have new updates every month

These materials can come handy not only for beginners. Even professionals can make use of them and appreciate the qualities of VII MIRACULA concrete blend, that we use for all our seminars.

On our YouTube channel VII MIRACULA we share experience in constructing artificial stones, rocks and walls from architectural concrete. We show every stage of creating an art-object: starting with the draft development up to the painting process. Apart from some basic steps, sculptors demonstrate creative techniques and unveil different nuances.

During working process, you can always re-watch these videos and turn back to aspects of work, that interest you most. So, that is surely an undebatable advantage of online tutorials. Any time you have access to the experience of our craftsmen.

Tutorial on making artificial stones

This episode is about manufacturing artificial stones from architectural concrete.

All stages of work are shown in strict progression::

  • Drafts;
  • Framework installation;
  • Preparation of concrete blend;
  • Application of the basic layer of concrete;
  • Application of the decorative layer of concrete;
  • Stone carving;
  • Painting.

Every stage is followed by detailed explanations on how to properly organize working process and avoid mistakes during the creation of artificial stones. You will find out which tools are used to render the texture of crumbling stone, that undoubtedly adds a more natural touch to artificial stones.

Such stones can easily decorate outdoor space of a country residence and become part of the fountain or the waterfall. Artificial stones can serve as decorative elements for ponds.

After watching our tutorial on YouTube, you will be able to make your own stone from architectural concrete.

Stone walls in the interior design

Stone walls incorporated in the interiors of a house is the renowned trend of the latest years. Fans of organic architecture resort to artificial stone as the main means to imbue space with accent elements, be it stone walls or stone finish.

On our YouTube channel VII MIRACULA you can watch a comprehensive instruction on how to install stone wall in the house using architectural concrete.

This is a step-by-step guide. We have deliberately filmed each stage for better understanding, from preparing the wall to painting it.

There are no minor details in making stone walls. You will see which self-tapping screws are better to use for fixing the foundation of the frame, how to make concrete texture pleasant to touch, how to properly apply architectural concrete, so that you wouldn’t have to cut off excessive amounts of concrete.

Painting the wall is the most creative part of the entire process. Color creates atmosphere of the location. If you want to install a stone wall in your house, we highly recommend to watch our tutorials. We will explain how to do it and share some ideas for inspiration.

Decoration of the house facade

VII MIRACULA architectural concrete has placed itself as a building material perfectly suiting for decorating the facades.

On our YouTube channel we show how we veneered house facade with concrete rubble stone.

The major part of the tutorial is dedicated to the nuances of painting process. We extensively explain what is a glazing technique, how to work with dry brush and why you should leave white spots on the stone surface.

This tutorial will be extremely helpful for those who want to learn the basic rules and nuances of painting stones made from architectural concrete. Though it’s quite a tricky and time-consuming task, we’ve done our best to prevent you from making mistakes.

Tutorial on painting the waterfall

In this episode Michael, leading expert of VII MIRACULA architectural studio, elaborates on stages of painting process. He covers a number of following questions:

  1. How to properly prepare the working surface?
  2. How to choose the right primer?
  3. What are the main nuances of painting stones?

You will find out answers to these questions in our tutorial. Besides, Michael will respond to the most frequently asked and tricky questions about painting. You should definitely watch the tutorial, if you are interested in the sphere!