Artificial ponds

If the artificial pond is properly placed, not only it will decorate the landscape, but it will also require minimal maintenance. Hence, the first thing to decide on is pond’s type and purpose. VII MIRACULA architectural studio builds artificial ponds from scratch, in addition to that we can also decorate already constructed ponds with such elements as artificial waterfalls or stone paths.

Artificial ponds can be divided into two groups depending on the type of water flow (flowing water vs standing water):

  • Dynamic ponds like springs, streams, fountains, waterfalls and cascades. The sound of splashing and murmuring water gives energy and constantly changes the surrounding landscape.
  • Static ponds like lakes, swimming pools and pools. Their purpose is completely opposite: they are meant to calm, to relax and to create peaceful atmosphere.

Below you can see photos, that represent two different types of ponds: dynamic pond with cascade waterfall and static pond whose decoration was inspired by Japanese gardens. Both art-objects were made in VII MIRACULA architectural studio.

The choice between the two types is determined by the landscape of the territory. For small residences the best option is a static pond, in big gardens and large park zones it is possible to construct a complex system of waterfalls and pave the cascade stream. If the landscape is hilly and multi-layered, then it would be better to install chain of ponds of different sizes, connected between each other with streams and waterfalls.

The perfect pond occupies no more than 3% of the territory. The shape of the pond is chosen according to the general design of the location. Depending on the landscape, the boundaries of the pond, stream or lake might be straight, oval, smooth or sharp.

Water ponds built from architectural concrete

One of the characteristics of architectural concrete of our own make consists in the ability to accurately recreate the texture of natural stone. What is more, it is perfect for water objects construction, since it is resilient to water impact. Our sculptors can make rocks and boulders of any shape and size. VII MIRACULA architectural concrete has exceptional exploitation characteristics: it is not subject to deterioration when there is a direct contact with water and multiple cases of freezing and defrosting. Thus, this material is applicable for finishing pond’s bed, its coastal part, the shore and the surrounding areas.

Apart from being purely finishing material, VII MIRACULA architectural concrete can be used for structural elements construction. Here are the main features of art-concrete:

  • Strength
  • Robustness
  • Resistance to environmental effects (UV light, moist etc.)
  • Durability
  • Ability to hide utilities and equipment inside artificial rocks and boulders. For these aims we specially make jib-doors and hatches.

Artificial pond will be the exact realization of your idea. No one has to go for compromise as our sculptors can recreate any decorative element, which would be impossible had we worked with natural stones. Every stone is made by hand, the sculptors literally mould them out of concrete: the rough material is very malleable and plastic, it easily takes the desired shape. Thoughtful arrangement and geometry of stones guarantees stunning design of the landscape.

Artificial ponds building technology

VII MIRACULA architectural studio performs all stages of work. We are responsible for everything: from excavating the pit up to planting the territory. The first thing to do while building artificial pond is to excavate the pit. Then, we settle the bottom of the pond and install the waterproofing layer. After that, it is necessary to construct structural elements, that will be further decorated by architectural concrete. The construction is covered with the basic layer of concrete blend, that serves as a reinforced foundation of future rocks. Later we apply additional waterproofing layer of concrete and get down to decorative works. When sculptors have carved out stone relief, they manually apply paints. There appears the final variant of the composition. When all construction works are finished, the basin is ready to be filled with water. As a rule we always decorate artificial ponds with water plants. The composition can be amplified with a stone bridge, garden pavilion and other decorative elements that can be made from architectural concrete.

Rough boulders, surrounded by swift streams, large-scale compositions of massive rocks, waterfalls and other fancy elements are applicable for artificial ponds decoration. Also it is possible to combine natural stones and concrete rocks. Yet, you won’t notice the difference between them.

In the coastal zone we usually install large stones, that form the boundaries of the pond. For shallow waters the best choice is medium-sized stones sprinkled with pebble. In this variant the composition is partly covered by water. It is reasonable to decorate the bottom of the pond only if the depth of the pond is less than 1 meter. Otherwise, the decorations will stay unnoticed. If you wish to diversify water surface with additional decorative elements, we would recommend you to incorporate flagstones that look like «mini islands».

Large stones serve not only as a mere decorative element, but they also hide engineering equipment that ensures water cleaning, maintains water lever and directs the flow of water. The resemblance between natural water objects and artificial ponds made in our studio serve as a proof of high mastery of our sculptors. In order to achieve this effect we use unique building material — architectural concrete of our own make.

Why is it a good idea to order artificial pond from our studio?

It takes a long time to finish the decoration of artificial pond. The period of project implementation depends on its complexity, project area, the depth of the pond and its design. VII MIRACULA architectural studio has experience in realizing the most ambitious architectural and design ideas, proving that human being is capable to recreate nature’s handwriting. We build ponds, that are harmoniously combined with the surrounding landscape. Moreover, every pond has unique features and it doesn’t look similar to others.

VII MIRACULA architectural studio creates ponds. We offer a full range of service starting with draft and project development ending with pond decoration. We always discuss all details of the future art-object with our clients in good time. Then they are reflected in detailed sketches, so that the client can always assess the appropriateness of certain decorative element.

Our sculptors can transform the landscape in country residences, gardens, park zones and other locations. It is their talent and high mastery that enable them to create subtle strokes that make natural objects unique. The price of our services is discussed individually. However, we always stick to unchanged standards of creative design and proven technology which ensure that the artificial pond will serve you at least for several decades. We provide a 10-year warranty for finished objects. Besides we can provide further maintenance of the art-object: winterization, replacement of equipment and others

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