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Competitive advantages of concrete finish over natural stone and other materials

As opposed to factory-made tile, art-stone is always unique. Thus, every swimming pool with artificial stone finish turns into a real piece of art.

Natural stone, if used as a finishing material, makes every construction monumental, though at the same time it gives a lot of trouble inevitably entwined with transportation and installation of stones. Due to high complexity of material processing and considerable weight it is very time-consuming to match separate stones with the basin (or other part) of the pool. Also not every wall is capable to bear additional weight of stone. Architectural concrete comes as a more handy alternative to natural stones. Art-concrete finish is 3-4 times lighter than natural stone finish. It doesn’t exert excessive pressure on walls and pool’s construction. Due to its rough surface, concrete ensures safety when walking on it.

In the finishing of this pool we were able to recreate the ancient polygonal masonry from architectural concrete, as well as accurately convey the texture of metal on the bas-reliefs.

Even the most high-quality cement doesn’t give any chance to shape thin, but at the same time durable decorative elements like fold of fabric or leaves of the plant. These elements can only be made out of clay, marble and metal. Depending on the design concept sculptor determines shape, texture and color shades characteristic for a particular rock. At the same time, we reproduce all nuances of texture: cracks, bulges, minor chips. Some areas of stone surface can have smooth, uneven or sawn edges.

Art-concrete finish leaves space for corrections and modifications of the final object during the operation. It’s easy to fasten ladders, platforms for jumping, mini “bridges” and hand-rails to bearing surface by means of architectural concrete. One can make a hole in the concrete surface anywhere, at any time. This feature makes it possible to install any preferred lightings, even the most extravagant ones. We can always amplify the composition with waterfall, fountain or water slide and vice versa we can easily remove any decorative element.

Technology of pool finish on the basis of architectural concrete

The preliminary stage of work is creating the project and drawing sketches that display the smallest nuances of the future art-object. When we have discussed all the details with the client (including textures and color shades), we get down to embodying the idea into reality.

The first step is to install metal framework. Later we fix fine-meshed metal net on it. Thus, the basic shape of the object is formed. The second step is to apply a layer of concrete blend on metal base. As a result, the surface gets more durable and resistant to any impact. The third and most important step is to apply architectural concrete and manually cut it to get clear forms, textures and color shade.

Sketch of the waterfall, the finished relief of architectural concrete and the final result after painting

For construction works VII MIRACULA architectural studio uses in-house development – proprietary concrete blend VII MIRACULA. It consists of top-quality cements and polymers, that ensure high plasticity of the material. We use quarried minerals as a raw material for concrete blend. They are burned and then used as an integral component of VII MIRACULA dry blend. Special added fillers boost the durability and waterproofness of the final product.

Finish pools like a stone is created manually by us without the use of stamping. We work on our own material: concrete VII MIRACULA

Ideas on how to decorate the pool with architectural concrete

By means of architectural concrete it’s possible to construct grottoes and caves or skillfully incorporate special themed zones inspired by fantasy or ancient castles. Art-concrete enables to recreate texture of any rock ranging from sandstone to marble and granite. We can also build the following nature sites on the basis of concrete:

  • Bolder stones;
  • Rocks;
  • Waterfalls;
  • Caves;
  • Stalactites and stalagmites.

We decorated this pool as a cave, inspired by the customer’s favorite adventure film

Design and stone finish of the swimming pool from VII MIRACULA architectural studio

Pool finish requires additional attention to details. It should be based on accurate engineering calculations and meet the requirements of National State Standards and Construction Standards and Regulations. Our experts adhere to high standards. We have successfully completed numerous projects on pool and water pond facing.

Swimming pools made in our studio are completely safe and secure. Compared to tile or stone floor, art-concrete floor is not that slippery. It’s easy to nest countersunk holes for utility systems and install any desired lightings. Art-concrete finish facilitate masking electrical wires and pipes without spoiling the view.

Art-concrete finishing allows you to hide pipes and electrical wires without compromising the decorative component

Artists and sculptors who work in our company are qualified experts in the field of art-concrete finish. They eradicate the tiniest mistakes. During finishing works it’s mandatory to adhere to all necessary waterproofing measures, that help to extend the service life of the construction for as long as possible. We provide 10-year warranty on every art-object.

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