Artificial pond and architectural concrete waterfall

The pond is situated in the private residence. The landowner built sauna on the territory of his country house, enjoys swimming and came to VII MIRACULA team with a real challenge – to create a swimming pond with waterfall.

Aims and objectives:

  • to build a pond near sauna that will be suitable for swimming
  • to imitate the texture of natural stone by means of architectural concrete
  • to cloak an old ventiduct on the territory of the yard

Overall results: Within 3 months our team managed to install a pond with artificial underwater rocks amplified by a waterfall equipped with all necessary utilities. Old ventiduct became bolder stone totally blending with the landscape.

пруд с водопадом на участке

The major challenge was that the waterfall had to be constructed below the ground level. All required utility systems were successfully inserted underneath the wooden deck. To ensure a smooth and steady waterflow our team has worked out special design for the stone that transfers the water from the outside drenaige pit into the pond.

Building artificial waterfall

камень из артбетона
водопад из бетона
скалы из артбетона
фактура камня из бетона
отделка водоема артбетоном

Our artists have created rocks of various forms all along the edge of the pond. Stone relief and colouring are present and visible even in the water bottom. The feeling of authenticity is intensified by paint drips and stains deliberately made during the painting process setting our artwork closer to the natural waterfalls.

пруд у бани

Decking old ventiduct

камень в саду

There was an old ugly ventiduct on the territory of the yard that spoiled the view. In order to cloak it, our team created a rock of a peculiar form, whose colouring repeated the colouring of stones in the waterfall, thus creating an image of unite landscape.

The carcass of the future rock was installed right at the location, all the joints with the parapet were carefully adjusted. As a result the rock looks like it is nature born and nobody will ever guess its secret!

декоративная скала
скала в ландшафте
декорирование трубы на участке

Within short period of time, we managed to do huge work: we created a beautiful pond and waterfall with sophisticated engineering system. Upon the request of the client, the bowl of the pond was a complete imitation of natural stones. Now the surrounding landscape looks organic and beautiful!

красивый водоем на участке

Creating decorative pond from architectural concrete

The start of work. The foundation of the waterfall has already been installed, our task was to station all necessary utility systems and create an appropriate design. Despite having a bald concrete basement, our designers were captured by the new breathtaking idea that was later turned into drafts and sketckes by painters in our studio.

The carcass that repeats the gross outline of the future rock is installed right at the location: we start by founding the rebar which is then coated by metal mesh. Meanwhile we set up water and electricity utility systems: all taps, on/off switches are inserted in the ‘cliff’ of the waterfall, but no worries, you will still have access to them through jib doors and loop-hole doors.

After finishing the preliminary stage, we start the major work: the metal mesh is covered by the first layer of concrete which is then followed by damp-proof course that prevents waterlogging. Now that’s the moment when our sculptors and artisits get into gear. They cover the foundation of the future waterfall with architectural concrete and cut the necessary stone relief by hand. It is at this stage that the faceless concrete object transforms and the birth of the rugged coast takes place.

The final stage of creating artificial rocks is painting. The artists of VII MIRACULA use durable water-proof acrylic paints that are not erased with time.