Ornamental waterfall for the restaurant

Rocks and water in the center of urban oasis. That would be probably the most accurate description of artificial waterfall that brightens the outdoor area of a restaurant. Artists and sculptors of VII MIRACULA studio dedicated several months to fulfill this project: they designed drafts and sketches, they thought through utility line diagram and only after customers have approved the general layout and technical aspects of the future waterfall, our artists got down to the construction works.

Aims and objectives:

  • To create a vision of the future art object
  • To build a small-scale, but still an impressive backyard waterfall made from architectural concrete

Overall results: within several months time, our team succeeded in designing and building artificial waterfall with a pre-installed illumination and internal water recirculation system.


In compliance with architectors’ vision waterfallwas supposed to become a central focus place for the backyard garden, in some way it was designed as a point of attraction for all visitors in Odintsovo restaurant. We didn’t build the waterfall from scratch, of course: in the backyard territory there were already trees, ornamental bushes, that were soon joined by peacocks, proudly walking down the lanes.

The vast majority of VII MIRACULA projects takes a more natural appeal in creating art objects, in other words our goal is to reach as closely as possible the colour shade, the texture and original shape of a natural stone or wood (depending on the materialrequired) Works on artificial waterfall were completed in the same vein.

Every element of the waterfall construction is hand-made. First, we make a hollow metal framework, then it is covered by several layers of concrete blend. After that, sculptors choose the right colour shade for the stone and carefully cut the stone texture, that will perfectly match the surrounding landscape. During this highly creative process we never stick to model solutions: water supply system and water filtration systems are coated by artificial stones and work 24/7.

The waterfall worked flawlessly during spring-summer period, however, after the winter owners experienced some difficulties restarting the system. The reason was that during the preparation for the cold season several mistakes had been made: water was drained only from the waterfall bowl, the hoses that connect the bowl and the pumps unfortunately were neglected. Frost caused cracks in hoses, there appeared leaks. VII MIRACULA artisans replaced damaged hoses and the system began to work as usual. There were no further problems with water supply.

For more than 15 years running, artists of VII MIRACULA studio create architectural mastepieces made from artificial stones. Our artists’ focus area does not only incorporate building waterfalls, fountains and other water features, but they can also provide their expertise knowledge in garden sculptures manufacturing and interior design decoration. Similar to the case of building any water object, the main finishing material used in the process is architectural concrete.