Multi-step waterfall from architectural concrete

An ambitious project in the country club posed new challenges for our team: we were to build from scratch a multi-step waterfall seamlessly blending with the nearby pond.

Aims and objectives:

  • To erect an artificial waterfall
  • To build a small fancy bridge in the park
  • To decorate the park zone

Overall results: VII MIRACULA team created an eye-catching art object that soon turned into a trademark and focal point and would be later used in promotion campaigns.

Искусственный водоем

Our client wanted to evolve landscape into a broad open-air selfy-zone by totally transforming it. According to the initial design project, a fancy bridge decorated by stones made from architectural concrete was to become one of the camera-friendly areas!

However both the client and our artists thought that a simplistic bridge would not impress anyone and might become a dull and boring stain of the territory. Since our client wished it to be beautiful, unique and catchy, our team carried out the design of the exotic bridge made from artificial stones. Today this bridge surves as a perfect venue for all guests who wish to take photos during weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

Installing artificial waterfall

Massive rocks and bolder stones form perfect chill zone at the root of the waterfall, where guests can peacefully rest and relax. It was extremely difficult to achieve the right tone of the water sound. In terms of labour input this process can be compared to pipe organ tuning. Our goal was to make the sound distinct enough just to make sure everyone notices the waterfall, but at the same time not too loud and annoying, so that it doesn’t prevent normal communication among the visitors. To perform this demanding task we decided to opt for the following structure: shelving multi-step waterfall with flat stones.

Project in the country club became one of the most ambitious and challenging works VII MIRACULA studio has ever faced. Yet such large-scale ventures surve as a perfect showcase of great artistry and excellence of VII MIRACULA sculptors, designers and structural steel workers.

As the result, we managed to create the flow of sound that was needed. Massive rocks that add clarity to the lines decorate the root of the waterfall. It’s almost like being next to a river lost in the mountains, while watching the water foam, breaking on the rocks.

Every stone is a handmade object scrupulously cut by sculptors of VII MIRACULA studio. We even succeeded in reproducing the greenish color of underwater stones that in wild nature is caused by sea grass and other microorganisms. It’s practically impossible to distinguish artificial rocks from natural ones since every art object has unique shape, size and coloring.

Creating artificial waterfall for country club

Initially the country club had a decorative pond on its territory. The pond with a hillside was fortified by retaining walls made from gabions. Also there was a dry stream that was laid from the bridge towards the pond.

Эскиз водопада

At the stage of approving the concept we prepared for the customer several possible variants of design decoration: wild waterfall with multiple cascades, wide flow of water falling into the pond and a small cascade waterfall with a pavilion. As we clarify customer’s requests, there emerges a clear vision of the future design project.

After that, we prepare more detailed sketches of retaining walls and waterfall. At the same time our team work out design and engineering solutions. When the draft has been adopted, our experts get down to landscape transformation – it’s the most exciting part! For waterfall construction we have installed a gigantic metal framework covered with a special net. Metal carcass was later coated with a layer of architectural concrete as we wanted to get a fortified foundation for the future waterfall. When the basic layer of concrete has dried, we apply the second “decorative” layer. It is meant for artistic stone carving and decorative works. At this stage there appears relief, texture, cracks; concrete surface begin to look more like a natural stone, though still colorless.

When the surface has dried, our artists proceed with painting stage. We use the method of glazing. It consists in applying paints in layers from light to dark shades. We use darker colors for cracks and chips. It makes the color of stone heterogeneous like in the wild nature.

Rock boulders serve as a decorative element not only for the waterfall area. Entrance to the pond is also amplified by rocks. The unity of elements enhance the integrity of the composition. Water pumps and pipes are hidden inside the carcass and invisible from the outside.

Искусственные водопады в ландшафте