Adventure Park Design

Adventure Park is decorated by fair-faced concrete elements made by the VII MIRACULA Studio. The total finishing area is 18000 m2.

Aims: creation of fair-faced concrete decorations matching the surrounding landscape in several theme zones of the park. Decorations had to be long-lasting, safe and as similar to natural objects as possible.

Outcome: mountain landscape and artificial caves for “Mountains” areal were constructed, bridge trestlework finishing for “Air” areal was made, the biggest fair-faced concrete tree was built.



The name of Park is translated as “a dream”. And it is a dream of the infinity and integrity of natural beauty. The concept was designed by a creator of the best world adventure parks Chris Lange. One of the aims was to design it as naturally as possible, with no bright or alarming colours. Everything had to match the surrounding nature perfectly.

Mountain Landscape

“Adventure Land” is divided into several theme zones or areals. The experts of our studio made a natural landscape with volcanoes, rocks and caves serving both as area decorations and parts of rides in “Mountains” areal.

Mini jeeps go through a cave, roller coasters with an electric train ride around an active volcano and a rocky peak. The experts considered the vibration, the supplementary trestlework load caused by cars and the train path. The main decoration aim had been naturalism. The sculptors and artists handmade each rock: they worked at cracks and chips and tinted boulders with special stains. The finished decorative rock is indistinguishable from a natural one.

The cave of a ride is a handmade, not a natural object. A full room filling was made, all the communication lines were hidden inside the rock walls, and the decorations were provided with built-in lighting there. Apart from that, artists decorated the walls of the cave with rock drawing and made a sculpture of ancient mammoth remains now taken for a real one by park visitors.

Artificial rocks mask utility lines and load-bearing units. There are hidden doors in each rock for service equipment.

Trestlework Architectural Finishing

“Air” areal suggests a walk on a 10-meter high suspension bridge and a ride on a “Giant Ivy”. The road is supported by fantastic tree-like pillars. All the objects are made of fair-faced concrete. Decorations mask a strong metal frame firmly attached to load-bearing units.

Decorative Tree Made of Fair-Faced Concrete

The central part of the park represents a dome with a magic tree. Park designers made up a tale of the old and wide tree “found” during the construction.

It is the biggest fair-faced concrete tree in Europe. The sculpture is 22 metres high and is 8 metres in diameter. The internal construction and decorations were all made by VII MIRACULA team.

All the details of the sculpture were carved by hand, which makes the bark on the trunk and branches look natural. It can easily be taken for a real tree even after touching it. This is the sculptors’ expertise!

In order to make the tree the most natural-looking, the main branches connected to the trunk were equipped with special glasses filled with processed trunks of real apple trees. About 13,000 artificial ficus branches were attached to them.

There is a multi-level maze inside the tree with several rooms looking like grottos and hollows. You can go up the glowing stairs braided around by vines and look at the giant “plant” from the inside. There are several levels with a slide on each one.

There is an observation tower with a spiral staircase at the top of the tree. It was also decorated by a fair-faced concrete relief picture inside and outside. VII MIRACULA materials system also helped us make a real-like wood imitation on the object.

Apart from the magic tree there is work space for the staff, a lobby with desks in the dome. There is a theme café as well. Its main particularity is that the food is served to visitors by ladybugs via tree branches. All the finishing and decorations are made of fair-faced concrete.

All the objects in the park were made in due time. Decorations of the rides, the landscape design and the key object of the Tree park were all made of our VII MIRACULA fair-faced concrete. The architectural design of the park got the international Golden Pony Award.

Park Design (Process)

In order for the project to be implemented we worked both as concrete drawing artists and concept designers for some key objects of the park (i.e.mountain landscape, the magic tree and separate objects such as a mammoth skull in the cave).

After having approved the layout of the tree, we made its mini model. We did our best to make the tree with a green-leaf crown as natural as possible. For this purpose we had to make a lot of effort working with the construction of branches, being unable to make it with the help of fair-faced concrete-making technology. Multiple iron frames of the given length could not hold themselves and would require additional anchor points. And we managed to find a way out!

The main branches of the trunk were made with the help of framework technology, but, in addition, were equipped with special glasses with trunks of cut-down apple trees saturated with flame retardants inside. Artificial branches attached to them made the crown as natural and thick as possible.

Samples for casting were made for repeated elements, e.g. the decoration of a tower by the tree.

Working on the large-scale project was a great experience: we made thousands of square metres of handmade finishing in the style of different fabrics, came up with unique engineering ideas and communicated with an international team of professionals. Go visit park to see the result of our work!