Ornamental waterfall with a basin made from concrete

Aims and objectives:

  • to constructwaterfall using drafts provided by our client
  • to decorate the waterfall and the basin with stones of cubic form
  • to liken the texture of decorative stones to the texture of local ones

Overall results: VII MIRACULA team managed to create an art object whose design has completely blended with the surrounding environment .

водопад из декоративного камня
водопад с чашей эскиз

According to the initial project, lamber was supposed to be used as a major building material. However, that is not quite practical for any open-air water object. At last, the plan was rejected and all elements were made of VII MIRACULA architectural concrete. Our sculptors decorated the basin with railings and the waterfall with bars over the gutter. They created the texture that was impossible to distinguish fromnatural wood.

декоративный фонтан
декоративный водопад
водопад из артбетона

Detailed finishing of every stone creates a feeling that the wall of the waterfall consists of separate square blocks. The effect can only be achieved by means of hand-made work, «stamping method» won’t lead to the desired results.

The basin of the waterfall was also faced with VII MIRACULA architectural concrete. What you can see in the photo are not separate stone slabs, but an integral concrete structure. The basin is 100% waterproof, all areas that contact with water are hydrophobic.

The stone colour (which is greyish beige) is determined by the surrounding landscape and it only intensifies an impression that these stones originate from the same area. Stone colouring is a hand-made process during which our artists render all details characteristic for natural stones: speckles, darkenings, streaks.

декоративный водопад из бетона
водопад из декоративного камня

Technical part is just as important as ornamental one and we do not let it neglected. Our engineers have installed waterpumps and have fixed water circulation processes. Last, but not least: you will always have easy access to all equipment of the construction. At the back of the waterfall there is a secret hatch, hidden in bolder stones.

водопад из декоративного камня
водопад с чашей