Accent wall in sportswear shop

Uncommon design is one of the methods that helps to attract new customers. The owner of a sportswear shop that sells clothes to the professional football players decided to increase the flow of visitors by creating an unusual interior design and he adressed VII MIRACULA studio with this idea.

Aims and objectives: to create in the entrance area of the shop an eye-catching art object that will imitate the texture of a natural rock

Overall results: VII MIRACULA experts constructed a rock cliff wall that served as photozone during the opening of the store and later became a glamourous location to present new fashion lines.


Accent wall in the form of a rock

Project designers decided that a rock cliff wall would be the best option for decorating the entrance area of the store. This variant envisaged the use of architectural concrete. Apart from purely ornamental functions, the wall had also practical application: it could serve as a shop-front to demonstrate new collections.

The art object occupies the entire wall of the entrance area. The composition was amplified by red lights that highlight soccer ball nested in the wall. 

Electric wires aren’t visible from the outside, so they don’t spoil the view. Initially the stone shop-front was supposed to be decorated with golden old-fashioned ball, but in the end, the shop owner decided to focus on modern design. The store’s brand mark is also placed on the decorative rock wall: the inscription is carved on the concrete surface.

The interiors of the store are designed in high-tech style. The major finishing materials are industial concrete and metal. They constitute perfect background for the art object. Rock cliff wall shows at its best side: smooth surface plays up the contrast with rough unpolished stone.

The owner wanted to finish construction works and open the store before the start of FIFA World Cup. There were only a few days left untill the event. Despite the dramatic shortage of time, VII MIRACULA experts managed to coordinate the schedule of works with other contractors (they were decorating the rest of the sportswear store).

Working process

The first stage – design concept preparation.

Artists and sculptors of VII MIRACULA studio always draw up sketches of art objects beforehand. First of all, it provides an opportunity to foresee how the accent wall will fit in the interior design of the shop, in addition to that preliminary drafts allow us to demonstrate to the customer the general outline of the stone construction.

The second stage – metal fixtures and framework preparation. Metal net lays in the foundation of artificial rock cliff wall. It is the net, that is later covered with architectural concrete. Since we don’t use any natural stones, all elements are made from fair-faced concrete, the final construction is quite light, compared to the one made from natural stones.

The third stage – stone texture creation. Metal framework is coated with three layers of concrete blend. Every element of accent wall is created by hand to its final details, that allows our sculptors to enhance the impression of authentic stone texture. After the concrete blend has completely dried, the wall is painted by polymeric dye.