Artificial stone facing in sauna and pool

Swimming pool surrounded by wild stones and rocks… Earlier it was hard to imagine how to create such a massive construction in the interiors of a house. Though our designers proved it to be possible. The owner of a country residence wanted to have recreational zone, that would remind him of far-away lands and wild nature. The design of a spa area with a pool was inspired by adventure films. Tile that is commonly used for swimming pool facing is hardly capable to create the desired effect. The owner decided to choose experts of our studio to fulfill the project!

Aims and objectives: to come up with the original nature-inspired design of the swimming pool, gym and balcony of the second floor.

Results: we designed the entire spa area and carried out the project.


This location is divided into several separate zones: swimming pool with Russian and Japanese sauna, jacuzzi area and a mini gym. The interior design of spa area was inspired by nature, so we decided to surround water with rocks and stones. Architectural concrete finishing requires a lot of human resource, since it is created by hand. For a huge fan of organic architecture it is a great pleasure to see the transformation of shapeless concrete mass into mesmerizing works of art, that we truly believe our stones to be!

As you leave sauna, you enter the swimming pool via a giant stone arch. It’s impossible to make such a complex construction by means of natural stone. However, our building technology that requires the usage of VII MIRACULA architectural concrete enables us to create unique art objects of any size and shape, that become a complete imitation of natural stone with high exploitation characteristics: they are water, time and pressure resistant.

All along the edge of the swimming pool there lies «a rocky shore». There are sections where rocks partly cover water or otherwise, they may form a niche. The relief of the “bank” is uneven, you won’t find two stones of the same shape, size and texture. In our works we try to recreate the diversity that exists in wild nature. Hence, as you may have already guessed, the usage of sample forms is unthinkable in our method. What makes every stone unique is manual work of VII MIRACULA experts. It’s just like in the fashion industry: every piece of art is created by hand.

Right from the very beginning we have envisaged lighting and places to install wall lamps, that would highlight the texture of artificial stones. The lamps’ design resembles fireflies.

On the other side of the pool there is a rock, that divides shower from the pool. For the shower room we decided to go for a dark bronze equipment that combines perfectly well with the color of walls. Utilities are hidden inside the hollow rock. Nothing excessive! Only the aesthetics of stone texture.

As you proceed, the rocky surface transforms into massive stone masonry. The giant boulder stones are made that accurately that the visitor has no doubts: no way it could be a man-made architectural concrete facing; this is surely an old ashlar stone.

On the right side of the wall there is a door that leads into the steam room. On the left side, stone slab «falls» on the wall, thus leaving a path to an isolated plunge tub. It’s worth mentioning that one of the main goals of the entire project was to hide the boiler. Our team managed to do so by installing a rock with a jib-door to ensure a safe access to it.

Another part of the territory is occupied by the gym and jacuzzi. Here we fulfilled another wish of the customer – the interior design is carried out in the style of his favorite adventure movie.

We have decorated the window openings and the supporting pillars. Now they look like ancient colonnade. The stone color is same as near the pool, however the stone texture is no longer natural, but man-made.

Wall lamps in the shape of a torch add the theatrical finish to the atmosphere.

Wall at the jacuzzi area is faced with stone masonry. In order to make it look older than it actually is, our sculptors added some cracks and chips, creating the effect of chopped face tile. The authenticity can only be achieved by meticulous work. Every inch of the stone is brought to perfection.

There is a balcony over the swimming pool. VII MIRACULA designers wanted it to look like a logical continuation of the composition, so they proposed to make a parapet with imitations of ship ropes pulled over the stone pillars.

The recreational zone eventually was transformed into unique and eye-catching location. It was a dream come true for the whole family living in this country house. We created a place, where they can spend lazy evenings swimming in the pool or playing quests with their kids. The customer enjoyed so much the final variant of the decoration, that he decided to invite our team once again, few years later. This time our job was to do landscaping and greening of the territory.

Landscaping the country house territory using fair-faced concrete

Apart from greening and improving the territory of the pond, we had to create 2 key objects: outdoor shower and cellar. As we examined the place, we saw that Japanese style prevailed there: zen garden, wooden bridge, blooming apple trees, scrub pines. It was obvious that other art objects should follow the general outlook of the garden.

Usually when we talk about outdoor bathroom with a shower, people imagine quite a different thing. Here we decided to abandon the standard and constructed a 3-meter hollow rock. The stone relief is quite diverse: there are faults, cracks and chips. The stone coloring is similar to the one that can be seen in wild nature.

Wooden beams repeat strict geometric shapes of the bridge and intensify the Japanese touch in the garden design. Stone pillar is made of architectural concrete. Due to the high level of proficiency that was demonstrated by our sculptors the stone pillar looks as if it was built from several separate stones, which is not true! In fact, it is a single metal construction faced with VII MIRACULA fair-faced concrete.

Apart from building the construction, our team has also performed all installation works inside. A small room turned into a cave inside the rock; the ceiling has the form of vaults with subtle lighting. Probably, it’s the most off-beat and non-trivial outdoor shower in the whole region!

On the other side of the pond there is a cellar. At first it looked like an ordinary outbuilding. We offered to disguise it as rock with alpine garden on the top and a massive metal door in the entrance area. Thus, plain building merged into an impressive art object, seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape.

We have fulfilled 2 large-scale projects: VII MIRACULA company has decorated the interiors of the country house, namely the spa zone with a swimming pool, in addition to that our experts have created two key objects on the territory of the residence: outdoor shower room plus a cellar. It’s always a great pleasure to return to old customers with new ideas and to carry out new challenging projects using our universal material: VII MIRACULA architectural concrete!