Restaurant interior design making

Fine cuisine and outstanding interior decoration are two essential parts of a successfulmaketing strategy of any restaurant. One of the current prevailing trends in catering business is nature-inspired interior design. The owner of a restaurant brought the idea to VII MIRACULA studio and asked our experts to decorate his establishment in organic style.

Aims and objectives:

  • To decorate the bar zone
  • To build an artificial waterfall in the main hall of a restaurant
  • To decorate the entrance area with stone finishing

Overall results: VII MIRACULA artists turned the restaurant into fashionable, non-trivial dining establishment, whose memorable and eye-catching interior would attract new visitors.


Entrance area decorative design

Artists and sculptors of VII MIRACULA company prepared a comprehensive plan of the restaurant interior design. From the very first step, as guests walk through the door, they are immidiately immerged into the peaceful ambiance of stone world. VII MIRACULA experts devotedsufficient amount of time to each element of stone masonry.

Artists and sculptors that work in our company are experts with 20+ years of experience. They have reached the highest level of proficiency in creating accurate imitations of natural stone textures. All decorative elements are built on the basis of architectural concrete, but outwardly they are identical to natural stones. 

While decorating the entrance area of a restaurant, artists used a number of techniques to create art objects: there are large-scale as well as small-scale stone slabs of a more regular form. Vertical stones were installed at the location. They are attached to the wall via metal fixtures.

On both sides of the entrance area, there are two rock columns, whose foundation lays in the metal framework, that is later covered by architectural concrete. Rocks have cracks and chips characteristic of this texture. By sight and touch columns look just like the rocks from the wild nature. The organic combination of plants and rock columns add authenticity to the modern design of the restaurant.

Building artificial waterfall in the main hall of a restaurant

From the technical point of view, the most difficult part of the project was to construct an artificial waterfall in the main hall of a restaurant. According to the design concept, the waterfall is surrounded by dining tables. Without going into details, the process of waterfall making can be described as follows:

  1. Drafts and utility line diagram preparation
  2. Water supply system installation
  3. Stone masonry

Now, the waterfall fulfills purely ornamental functions, even though originally it was meant to be suitable for swimming. However, the idea was rejected by the restaurant’s owner. The waterfall has built-in lighting, that was installed during stone masonry works. The composition is amplified by ancient ruins that create magical atmoshpere. The waterfall seamlessly fits in the restaurant’s interior design.

There is a ladder in the main hall, that leads to the second floor. We have decorated the ladder and the balcony rails.

Decorating the bar zone with stone masonry

Facing of the bar counter imitates the texture of a natural stone. The table top is made from wood. All decorative elements are hand-carved. They have natural colours, the texture was carefully worked through.

Bathroom decoration

The design project envisaged to tile the bathroom, but our team offered to add an accent element: artificial flag stones. At the end, we had an intriguing combination of artificial stone and tile.

There is an area with a ladder, that leads to diving centre. We have faced the ladder with massive cobblestones, each of them has a different degree of overhang. It gives off a feeling, that the wall was formed by many separate stones. In fact, it is a showcase of high-profile mastery of VII MIRACULAsculptors. The smallest details were taken into consideration.

Organic style is timeless and is not affected by fashionable trends. The main thing about this eco-space is that any visitor can feel as a part of a wild nature, despite being in the centre of concrete desert. Nowadays, everybody knows the notion of “eco-friendly”. If your establishment supports the global trend towards eco-friendliness, the stone imitation interior design will only highlight it.