Original decoration of the facade

There is nothing duller than a plain building, that lacks individuality. However, there is nothing more exciting and inspiring than changing the situation. Once, the owner of a country house in “Starville” village offered VII MIRACULA company a lucky chance to do so.

Aims and objectives:

  • To face the basement of a house with stone masonry made from architectural concrete
  • To decorate the balcony and to install lighting there
  • To decorate the porch and the staircase that leads to the entrance hall with artificial stones

Overall results: Finishing works were completed in strict alignment with design specification, all works were done in time. The exterior of the house has drastically improved.


At the beginning artists and sculptors of VII MIRACULA company has applied plaster on the walls of the facade. After that, it was the turn to decorate the basement of a house: the brick surface was coated by architectural concrete, that was later carved into massive stones.

Templets are never used in working process. Every artificial stone is manually carved and has its own shape, size and texture. VII MIRACULA art objects are just like haute couture gowns: they are handmade in a single copy. Our experts meticulously work out the tiniest details of artificial stones. Everything is taken into consideration. The texture and color shade of a natural stone is reproduced as accurately as possible. We do so in order to make art-stones identical to natural ones. The process of creating artificial stones consists of the following stages:

  • Metal-net framework installation
  • Coating the framework with several layers of concrete blend
  • To tone the surface with special dyes

Plaster and cobblestone masonry on the basement were just the beginning of the story. The next step was to decorate the entire building and the garage with concrete lianas. According to design specification, lianas were supposed to twine the balcony of the house and serve as pillars supporting the roof.

Artists of our company not only have constructed the ornamental elements, but they also equipped lianas with lighting.

Every art object made from fair-faced concrete forms the integral composition and gives off a sense of visual harmony as one art space transfers into another.

Before the start of the work, there had already been installed a small staircase near the porch. Since the owner wanted to have a mini waterfall nearby, the staircase was faced with artificially-made stones. The waterfall was equipped with necessary utility systems.

VII MIRACULA experts created an impressive building, twined around by fake lianas. This project allowed our sculptors to demonstrate that organic architecture encompasses not only large-scale, monumental art-objects, but also small architectural forms like residential houses with stone basement and fake lianas made from fair-faced concrete.

The process of decorating the facade of the house

Every project starts with work on details of a draft. It can be updated any time: changes can be introduced during negotiation process as well as afterwards, at the stage of construction works: some elements of decoration can still be changed.

The balcony. Original design draft.

The balcony. The final design project.

Private house in “Starville” village is made out of brick. During construction works the facade was faced with tiles imitating the stone texture. Only after that, artists of VII MIRACULA company proceeded with decoration works.

Initially, the staircase near the porch was concrete, later its surface was covered with stone-imitation, quarry stone masonry has topped flat concrete surface. Every element of “stone” masonry has its own shape and color shade. The composition looks very natural, it doesn’t create feeling of separate stones being glued on the staircase. The construction was installed by means of metal screws.